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VCSEL leads our time into consumer photonics

Consumer photonics is to be one of the cornerstones that enable an increasingly smart future for human beings, in which 

optical sensing will play a main role in our life. With advantages like high beam quality, low power consumption, easy packaging,

high reliability and so on, VCSEL is undoubtedly the first choice of light source for consumer devices designed for optical sensing. 

At Raysees we are dedicated to providing various VCSEL sensing and illumination solutions to consumer optical sensing devices.

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VCSEL features small divergence beam, which leads to less cross-talking effect between emitting source and receiving sensors in the in-ear detection module of TWS earphones. Meanwhile the high PCE of VCSEL can effectively reduce the power consumption of TWS earphones.

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Compact size and low power consumption are the keys to raise user experiences of AR/VR equipment. The small size and high PCE of VCSEL make it a perfect light source for functions in AR/VR like eye-tracing, gesture recognition, distance sensing, and so on.

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As blood pressure and glucose tests become regular functions of wearable devices, light sources using VCSEL, with the potential to break through some technical bottle necks, prove to be the best choice of emitting sources of wearables.

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VCSEL provides high quality and reliable emitting sources for optical sensing applications in smartphones and pads, including proximity sensing, laser autofocus, 3D facial unlocking, 3D facial payment, AR/VR, gesture recognition and so on.

Features and Advantages

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    Over 10 millions
    delivered to customers

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    Chip shipment
    with 100% testing

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    and addressable

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    Can quickly
    customize VCSEL