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VCSEL for healthier and happier life

Featuring narrow spectral width, low power consumption and small packaging sizes, VCSEL proves to be an ideal light source for

non-invasive  medical monitoring and detection.

Laser generated by 650nm, 808nm and 1064nm VCSEL can penetrate human tissues like skin,muscle or vessels without damaging

thetissue cells, hence can be widely used in hair growth, hair removal, pain relief therapy, and so on.

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Hair Growth

Our 650nm red VCSEL light penetrates the head scalp with a fine-tuned intensity to increase blood flow around the hair follicles, then nourishes and rejuvenates the hair, resulting in better hair growth.

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Health Monitoring

Our VCSEL and optical integration provide ideal solution to health monitoring including PPG, ECG, blood pressure, blood oxygen, and blood glucose.

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Hair Removal

Our 808nm VCSEL can target and damage the melanin in the hair follicles which results in the disruption of hair without causing any damage to surrounding tissues.

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The light energy generated by VCSEL can be effectively transformed into low energy red light which can penetrate cells, release more nitric oxide, ROS and APT, accelerate metabolism and blood circulation, thus repairing cells and reducing inflammation. The illuminating density of VCSEL is much less than the safety threshold of tissue and blood damage, which ensures safe therapy with no cause to any tissue damage.

Features and Advantages

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    Complete Patent

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    In-house packaging
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    Can quickly
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