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We provide OEM/ODM service
for many domestic and abroad famous brands in laser face mask field

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    Wider Wavelength Range
    with Laser
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    More Focused Illumination
    at Interesting Zones
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    Multiple Wavelength Selection (650nm.808nm,850nm,940nm,1064nm)

The key to effectiveness of an LED face mask is the right wavelength and reasonable irradiance power. While most of the LED face mask work in the range of visible light, which occupies only a narrow band of the light spectrum, VCSEL lasers provide much wider selection of wavelength, particularly from 650nm to 1000nm, and more efficient illumination. With much narrower beam divergence and higher power density, VCSEL light can penetrate more deeply into the skin than LED does, and stimulates the molecular pathways inside the cells to produce more collagen, meanwhile reduce iflammation and redness.

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Sample Specifications
Lilght Source
Lilght SourceLaser
Laser DensityCustomized
Working ModePCW/CW

Raysees provides compact hair growth solution and sample device for your testing.

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