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We provide OEM/ODM service
for many domestic and abroad famous brands in hair removal field

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    High Power 808nm
    Laser Array
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    High Efficiency Scanning
    Without Light Guide
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    Air Cooling System

Hair removal requires accurate targeting at hair follicle with highly focused laser energy at certain wavelength, meanwhile causes no damage to surrounding tissue cells, which can be realized only with laser sources with high power density and narrow wavelength band. Raysees hair removal module consists of Raysees in-house 808nm VCSEL chips which are arrayed to provide high power density with low divergence and high uniformity. The characteristic of low power consumption of VCSELs, along with efficient thermal management, ensures the laser to reach and break deeper follicle in very short time without causing any feeling of pain.

D3 Laser Hair Removal Solution.png

Based on our expertise of VCSELs

Raysees hardware and structural teams are working together to present our customers with compact hair removal modules which can be flexibly implemented to terminal devices

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Sample Specifications

Spot Size1-2cm2
Frequency Range1-10Hz
Swiping ModeOn-Skin/Over-Skin Swipe
Input Current10A
Input Voltage12V
Optical Power50-80W

Raysees provides compact hair growth solution and sample device for your testing.

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