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  • 1. What do we provide?

    RAYSEES provides industrial leading VCSEL products andsolutions. Our products and services include design and manufacturing of VCSEL chip and VCSEL emitting modules, and customized optical  solutions for various sensing and illumination applications.

  • 2. What are the main applications of RAYSEES products?

    You may find RAYSEES productsin mobile phones/tablets, wearables(TWS earphones, watch), automotives, robots, smart sensors, medical and beauty products, andmany industrial applications.
  • 3. How to purchase RAYSEES products or request samples?

    Click here to fill in the information, or directly send an email to info@raysees.com.

  • 4. How to customize products?

    You can fill in your information here, or send an email to info@raysees.com. Our team member will contact you.

  • 5. How to contact RAYSEES for more information or cooperation?

    Please fill in your needs here, or send email info@raysees.com., we will contact you ASAP.