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Quality Management Strategy

We practice the core value of "creating value for customers", and has established a comprehensive quality management system from the whole process of design and development, material and supplier management, mass production manufacturing, delivery management, marketing management, customer service, etc., to ensure high-quality and stable delivery, promote green environmental protection, and fulfill social responsibilities.

Quality Management Block Diagram


Quality Policy

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    Quality policy

    Customer centered
    Quality based
    Risk control by management
    Development by innovation

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    Environmental policy

    Comply with regulations and prevent pollution
    Waste reduction
    Energy conservation and continuous improvement

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    HSF policy

    Fully use environment-friendly materials
    Fully promote green manufacturing

Quality Competitiveness

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    Zero defect concept

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    End-to-end quality management

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    Life-cycle quality assurance

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    Comprehensive quality system certification

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    Customer recognition

Quality Management
System Certificate

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Fulfillment of Social Responsibility

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    Green Production
    (Strictly control hazardous substances)

    • Our products comply with the corresponding RoHS, REACH and other international environmental protection specifications.

    • We have formulated effective management specifications for hazardous substances according to domestic and foreign regulations and special requirements of customers.

    • We regularly supervise and audit the effectiveness of the supplier's environmental management system.

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    Do not use
    Conflict minerals

    • We promise not to use conflict minerals.

    • We have established a sound conflict minerals investigation mechanism.

    • We regularly monitor and review the effectiveness of suppliers' conflict minerals management.