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    Laser Hair Regrowth Solution
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    Laser Hair Removal Solution
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    Laser Face Mask Solution
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  • Consumer Electronics

  • Automotive

  • Medical/Health

  • Sensing and Smart Things

  • Our future belongs to consumer photonics, in which optical sensing will play a main role in our life. With advantages like high beam quality, low power consumption, easy packaging, high reliability and so on, VCSEL is undoubtedly the first choice of light source for consumer devices using optical sensing.

  • Following explosive demand for ADAS and LiDAR in the automotive market, the application field of VCSELs is expanded into automobiles with high growth rate and promising marketing potential.

  • Featuring narrow wavelength band, low power consumption and small packaging sizes, VCSEL proves to be an ideal light source for non-invasive medical monitoring and detection. Laser light generated by 650nm and 808nm VCSELs can penetrate human tissues like skin, muscle or vessels without damaging the tissue cells, hence can be widely used in hair growth, hair removal, pain relief therapy, and so on.

  • It is in the field of smart sensing that VCSEL finds applications to a broader extent. Raysees keep providing high quality VCSELs and sensing solutions to various optical sensing scenarios like distance measuring, obstacle avoidance, smart recognition, scanning, and so on.

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