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VCSEL for safer and smarter driving

Following explosive demand for ADAS and LiDAR in the automotive market, the application field of VCSEL is expanded into 

automobiles with high growth rate and promising marketing potential. 

Raysees VCSEL products and the associated optical integration aim to provide optical sensing solution to various application scenarios of both in-cabin and exteriors of vehicles.

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Combining Raysees in-house VCSEL chips with optics, Raysees provide high quality VCSEL light sources for different LiDAR techniques particularly the solid-state LiDAR, which uses high peak power VCSEL as the emitter and SPAD sensor as the receiver. Driven by nanosecond pulse-shape current, the peak power of Raysees multiple-junction VCSEL with addressability can reach up to 100s Watt, thus highly enhances the detecting distance for flashing LiDAR.

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With the intention to increase driving safety, Raysees provide VCSEL light source for in-cabin DMS and OMS to lower the risk of accidents caused by fatigue or distraction.

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Gesture Recognition

Raysees VCSEL can be applied to various optical sensors to achieve gesture recognition, face recognition, eye tracking, collision prevention, speed measurement and other functions.

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Automotive Night Vision

Raysees VCSEL light sources for automotive night vision are designed for longer visioning distance and higher vision quality. Combined with night vision systems which are capable of road modeling and on-road object recognition, Raysees night vision VCSEL contribute to collision alert, route deviation alert and passenger detection.

Features and Advantages

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    IATF 16949

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    Enlisted in the supply chain system
    of automobile customers

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    Multi-junction and addressable VCSEL
    with high optical power

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    100% domestic
    supply chain