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VCSEL brings you smarter sensing
and illuminations solution

It is in the field of smart sensing that VCSEL finds  applications to a broader extent. Raysees keeps providing high quality VCSEL and

sensing solutions to various optical sensing scenarios like distance  range-finders, obstacle detection, smart recognition,scanning,and so on.

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3D Sensing

Our VCSEL dot projector, VCSEL flood illuminator, and proximity sensing light sources are ideal emitter sources for optical sensing such as 3D facial recognition or ToF.

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3D Scanning

Raysees VCSEL dot projector, with tens of thousands random spots, helps to achieve high precision 3D scanning and printing.

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Obstacle Avoidance

Raysees is the first to provide VCSEL emitter to replace traditional EEL sources for laser obstacle avoidance.

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Raysees VCSEL for SLAM is the first emitter solution using VCSEL in the industry.

Features and Advantages

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    Patent Portfolio

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    Products delivered to
    global leading customers

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    In-house packaging
    with guaranteed delivery

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    Can quickly
    customize VCSEL