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We provide OEM/ODM service
for many domestic and abroad famous brands in compact hair growth field

  • d2_2.png d2_2.xz.png
    670nm Red
    Laser Array
  • d2_3.png d2_3-797.png
    Flexible Design
    with Light Weight
  • d2_4.png d2_4-506.png
    Large Covering Area
    with Uniform Illumination

Since its discovery in 1960s that laser can improve hair growth, for decades it has been proved by numerous cases that low-level laser therapies (LLLT) can aid in improving circulation and increasing blood flow and oxygen to the hair follicles, therefore stimulating the stem cells to regenerate the follicle and encourage hair regrowth.

As a non-invasive method for hair growth, laser sources have a few benefits such as painless feeling, little skin reaction, and minimal side effects. Compared with traditional lasers, VCSEL features small package size, higher power efficiency, more circular beam shapes, and more uniform illumination over head skin, which makes it an ideal laser source for laser hair growth.

D2 Laser Hair Regrowth Solution.png

Raysees team take the best advantage of our in-house red VCSEL chips to provide complete solutions to hair growth. We can provide customized flexible PCB design and driver module with our VCSELs embedded, which can be implemented into consumer devices such as hair growth caps, helmets, or combs. Our first generation demos have been internally tested and the effect on hair regrowth is very promising.

  • Hair-ph01.png
  • Hair-ph02.png
Sample Specifications

Laser Power5-8mW/Piece
Amount of VCSEL48-280 Cumtomized
Pulse Width10-60ms Cunstomized
Pulse Frequency7-200hz
Power SupplyPower Bank or Li-Ion Battery
Temperature Control<45°C
Input Current1A
Input Voltage5V
Working Duration10-30 min/time

Raysees provides compact hair growth solution and sample device for your testing.

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