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Inspire life with innovative light

At Raysees, with the intention to maximize applicability of VCSEL, we are dedicated to transform the lasing light generated from our own VCSEL into various, illuminating patterns by integrating it with versatile optical components.

  • PRAY
  • XRAY
  • SRAY
  • TRAY

single-dot emitter

Benefiting from small divergence of Raysees single-emitter VCSEL, which makes it easier to combine with normal lens, Raysees PRAY single-dot laser emitter features small spot size, low power consumption, and high temperature stability, which can be used in laser distance sensor, distance measurement, and 3D scanning.


laser-line source

Raysees laser-line emitter consists of Raysees in-house line emitter array VCSEL and Raysees own optical designing. With larger fan-out FOV (140°) and higher uniformity of line width and intensity than traditional laser-line emitter using EEL and standard optics, Raysees XRAY laser-line sources can be used in obstacle avoidance LiDAR, 3D printer, vision detection, and so on.


dot projector

VCSEL features unique diffractive properties, which makes it a perfect laser source for diffractive optics. Raysees VCSEL projectors combine Raysees in-house VCSEL and delicately designed diffractive optical elements (DOE) to generate any specific diffractive pattern, which can be used for 3D face depth reconstruction, robotic vision, and 3D scanner. 


flood illuminator

Raysees TRAY™ light sources generate high quality flood illumination by integrating Raysees VCSEL chips with diffusers or customized lens. With Raysees leading optical packaging process, the mass production rate of TRAY illuminators can be significantly raised.

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