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ORay™ IR LED Sources

ORay™ Infrared LED light source is an optical integrated product with the smallest dimensions and thickness. It is made from a proprietary 1.5th optics packaging technique. With wavelength at 810nm, Raysees IR LED light source offers a highly uniform and bright illumination pattern that can be used in various applications that require high-level security such as biometric identification. Moreover, Raysees can customize IR LEDs output power, wavelength, voltage, and view angle depending on the customers’ needs.

- 810nm iris recognition and face recognition IR LEDs
- Proprietary 1.5th optics packaging technique
- Optical materials with high temperature endurance and
  UV resistant
- Oblique viewing angle available
- Flooding pattern with high brightness and uniformity
- High power, high PCE, high reliability
- Smallest optical integrated component
- Customizable to meet customer needs

- Smart Phone/Tablet 
- 3D Scanning