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GRay™ IR LED Sources

GRay™ Infrared LED light source is made by Raysees proprietary 1.5th optics packaging technique. This brand new packaging technique significantly reduces packaging size and enables high packaging density. IR led light source has a controllable light ray path to effectively enhance efficiency. The photodiode on the receiving end features a large field of view (FOV) and high uniformity. GRay™ IR LED light source is widely used in various touch screen devices like an interactive whiteboard or IR touch control systems.
- Optical integrated sensing devices by in-house R&D 
- Proprietary 1.5th optics packaging technique 
- Optical materials with high temperature endurance and
  UV resistant
- Thinnest and smallest photosensitive design with highest 
  optical power 
- High reliability, reflow soldering available 
- Smallest dimensions suitable for narrow-frame products 
Customizable to suit customer needs

Viewing Angle Distribution
- Smart Conference Devices 
- Human-Machine Interaction Systems
- IR Applicable Systems 
- Interactive Whiteboards

                                                                                           IR:FOV20°/65°                                                 PD:FOV70°/85°