An innovator and pioneer to provide semi-conductor light source solution to consumer photonics

Originated from Silicon Valley, Raysees is a high-tech company founded by a group of PhDs with strong academic background and industrial experiences in semi-conductor light source chip design, fabrication and packaging. Raysees is dedicated to the field of semi-conductor electro-optics and strive to deliver cutting-edge light source products and competitive optical solutions to customers from various industries including AI, identity recognition, 3D vision, driving assistance, security surveillance, special lighting, smart logistics and health monitoring, etc.

Raysees possess independent R&D and innovative capability on light chip design and light source packaging. Our core technologies include light chip design, optical lens integration, component-level packaging, math-physics modeling and optimization of photoelectronic systems. We have started our strategies of patent portfolio and so far have filed several tens of patents both domestically and globally.

With ‘Optics + AI’ as the manifestation of the 4th industrial revolution, we are stepping into the epic of consumer photonics, in which the optical sensors play important roles in acquisition data for AI or machine learning. Light will play the role to drive the photonic revolution, enlighten our future, sense the beauty of our world and guard our home. Raysees, as an innovator and pioneer in consumer photonics and with the spirit of craftsmanship, are devoted to making our life better and simpler by optical technologies. 

Company Cultures

Optics engine with optical integration.

Make light drive the innovation, enlighten the future, sense the world and guard our home.

To become the leader of pioneer who provides semi-conductor light source solution to consumer photonics.

Company Highlights

May 2018, Raysees founded.

November 2018, high chip-to-packaging ratio technology introduced for the first time, which enables delicate integration on a highly reduced packaging area.

December 2018, 1.5th Optics technology introduced, which realizes optical integration at component level.

July 2018, the whole series of VCSEL products introduced by Raysees.

August 2019, Serie PRE-A funding by Shenzhen Capital Group closed.

Company Locations

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