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FRay™ IR LED Sources

FRay™ Infrared LED light source is powered by Raysees proprietary 1.5th optics packaging technique. It is a flooding illumination LED having a minimum dimension and thickness. With wavelength at 850nm and 940nm, Raysees IR LED light source offer the best flooding pattern with high uniformity and brightness. This high-powered Infrared LED light source offers a wide range of benefits to applications requiring flood illumination, such as smart security, face recognition, and biometric identification. Moreover, the output power, wavelength, voltage, and view angle of the light source can also be customized depending on the customers’ needs. 
- 850nm and 940nm flooding illumination LEDs
- Proprietary 1.5th optics packaging technique
- Optical materials with high temperature endurance and 
  UV resistant
- Flooding pattern with high brightness and uniformity
- High power, high PCE, high reliability
- Smallest optical integrated component
- Customizable according to customer needs

Relative Intensity vs. Angle
- Face Recognition
- Finger Vein Recognition
- IR Flooding Illumination
- Smart Security 
- Driving Assistance
- Near-Distance TOF

Spot Effect
light shape1